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Our Partners

Sofiia is an emerging Artificial Intelligence technology that is designed to be an insight tool for the human race.  It is created to deliver insights to us based on who we are, in real time, so we can learn faster, so we can make positive changes. It serves to accelerate human consciousness. Intelligent Optimism is excited to be one of Sofiia’s first beta partners. Intelligent Optimism will be deeply integrated into Sofiia's interface. With this collaboration, we hope to transform how people think and inspire more intelligent optimists and innovative thinkers. 

The HUMAN Project is an attempt to get big dreamers talking. Who are we, humans? Who should we become? Where should we head next? What should our generation do to advance the ongoing human project? The Human Project is an intellectual adventure into the future of our species and an invitation to reach for the stars. Literally. Intelligent Optimism is a part of the HUMAN Project curriculum.

SERIOUS WONDER™  is a futuristic technology website obsessed with the future. Their mission is to bring their readers the best in futuristic ideas, technology, robotics, science, consciousness, philosophy, psychology, space travel, transhumanism, longevity and modern design. They are constantly looking for innovation and optimistic wonder.  The future is their passion. hope to help in correcting misperceptions regarding the state of humanity through the presentation of empirical data that focuses on long-term developments. All of their wide-ranging data comes from third parties, including the World Bank, the OECD, the Eurostat, and the United Nations. By putting together this comprehensive data in an accessible way, their goal is to provide a useful resource for scholars, journalists, students, and the general public.

Envision 2016

Hosted from Friday, December 2 to December 4, Envision is a student-run conference bringing together 150+ competitively selected published PhDs, funded entrepreneurs, award-winning STEM grads and undergrads from top US Universities, including MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, UC Berkeley, Yale, Brown and more to explore how rapidly developing disruptive technologies can be applied in industry to pioneer a brighter future.

Primary technologies are AI, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Nanotechnology, Biotech/Genetic Engineering, Space Exploration, and Nuclear Fusion. This conference is intended as the first step towards building a global network of Envision chapters and technology-specific conferences at universities across the world.

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